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Iranian diaspora overestimates itself, becoming part of the problem instead of being part of the solution. Read my latest column on dis:orient.


This is Omid Rezaee: Journalist - Translator - Moderator.
My passion and talent are story-telling, in any way!

For over 10 years I write for Persian media, for five years for Germans media.
I make podcasts, shoot videos and can moderate events.

Everyone makes a podcast nowadays? I've done quite a few!

Take a look at some of them: "Chain Murders", "Keine Ahnung", "Editorial" and so on!

My Work in German Media

Take a look at my articles in German media.

My Work in Persian Media

Take a look at my articles and videos in Persian media.

Me on Events!

I moderate and sit on panels, speak about Iran, migration, culture and media.


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