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n a nutshell: I love telling stories, in any language I know, in any form I can!
I was born in 1989 in a small town in northwestern Iran.
I began with amateur journalism already in high school; I was editor in chief of a school magazine that would be contributed in schools of the town. Later in the university, I grounded a student magazine that was banned later because of its „too critical content.“ Being arrested and convicted to two years in prison, I was forced to leave the homeland. I flew to Iraqi Kurdistan first, where I used to report on Kurdistan and Iraq for Iranian media abroad, such as Radio Zamaneh. 2015, I moved to Germany and followed the dream of becoming a professional storyteller. Since 2016 I also write for German media on Iran, Middle East, Migration and so on.
In 2016 and 2017, I completed a further education programme in journalism, film and media management and studied digital journalism (MA) at the Hamburg Media School. I currently live in Hamburg and work as a freelance journalist.
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Some work examples in German and Farsi!
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Iran is protesting again!

There are protests in Iran again. The protesters are chanting "We are thirsty" across the country. It is also meant literally: in the southwestern province of Khuzestan, once the country's most water-rich region, there is no water. The animals are dying. But it is about much more: freedom. Human rights. A detailed report in conversation with two people who risk their lives on the streets and the political scientist Farangiss Bayat. (DE)

Some latest works:

Strike in Iran's oil industry

Subcontractor workers demand higher wages and fewer working days. The state is getting nervous. (DE)

A frontrunner with a dark past

All the potential obstacles to Ebrahim Raisi’s bid for the presidency appear to have been overcome. Although he has no track record in government, he does have ample experience with suppressing political opposition. (EN)

Behind the doors!

Closed doors in the country of exile and strangers in their own country: how to read Wolfgang Borchert, who would have turned one hundred on 20 May, as an exile today. (DE)

The rage of the people: turnaround mood in Iran

In Tehran, more young people are demonstrating than ever before.
The mood is reminiscent of Eastern Europe in 1989 - but also of China before the Tiananmen Square massacre.
The tension is growing: will the regime strike back brutally? (DE)

On Wolfgang Borchert

For 100th birthday of Wolfgang Borchert, one of the greatest authors of the 20th century. (FA)