C2 Certificate: Last station in German language

A few months ago, I took a Goethe C2-Certificate exam in the German language and found it quite interesting. Here you can read my article on this exam including statistics and much more. (FA)

Wolfgang Borchert: The voice of generations destroyed in tyranny

On life and works of Wolfgang Borchert and what we can learn from him today. (FA)

Fifty Years of Women's Suffrage in Switzerland: An Overview of a Late Victory

Why are Swiss women are allowed to vote and get voted only for 50 years now? (FA)

The first step in organizing tenants in Iran: Talk to your neighbours!

In Iran, tenants are deprived of many rights. What can they do about it? (FA)

Hannah Arendt and the twentieth century

A report on an exhibition about Hanna Arend in Berlin. (FA)

Interview with one of the Women of Revolution Street

They risk their lives to protest against mandatory Hijab in Iran. I talked to one of them. (FA)