Jihad everywhere, no successes anywhere

The Iranian regime propagates a "jihad" in all areas of politics and life. However, there is nothing heroic about it; rather, it leads to deprivation and oppression of the population.

Interview with the author Fatma Aydemir

"The more stories we tell each other, the closer we can get". I asked Fatma Aydemir why perspectives like hers are important and why she wants to tell untold stories.

Anniversary of a referendum that was not one

On the occasion of the "Islamic Republic Day" in Iran, I explained in my column for dis:orient under which conditions the "referendum" took place, why its results seem untrustworthy and what the younger generations think of it.

The right to vote as a German privilege

An initiative demands that all people living in Germany participate in elections. What they are demanding and whether it is possible, a report in conversation with initiators and legal scientists. (DE)

Iran is protesting again!

There are protests in Iran again. The protesters are chanting "We are thirsty" across the country. It is also meant literally: in the southwestern province of Khuzestan, once the country's most water-rich region, there is no water. The animals are dying. But it is about much more: freedom. Human rights. A detailed report in conversation with two people who risk their lives on the streets and the political scientist Farangiss Bayat. (DE)

Strike in Iran's oil industry

Subcontractor workers demand higher wages and fewer working days. The state is getting nervous. (DE)

A frontrunner with a dark past

All the potential obstacles to Ebrahim Raisi’s bid for the presidency appear to have been overcome. Although he has no track record in government, he does have ample experience with suppressing political opposition. (DE)

The beginning of a new era

After the presidential election, Iran's moderate forces have finally been deprived of power. The fact that conservative hardliners now dominate all centres of power in the state makes Ayatollah Khamenei's dreams come true. (DE)

"We are not the foot soldiers of the Islamic show".

Iran has a new president. But many citizens have decided not to cast their vote at all - because they feel these elections are an appointment and do not trust the count. Our reporter spoke to people in the country. (DE)

Passport law in Iran: The fight for the passport

Women in Iran are not allowed to leave the country without their husband's permission. A new law is supposed to change that. Will it work this time? (DE)

Only Corona keeps people from taking to the streets

Six months before the presidential elections, anger is high in Iran, there is little hope for change. (DE)

Abducted by Iran, forced to confess, executed

In the meantime, Iranian opponents of the regime are no longer clumsily killed abroad but kidnapped. On state television, they then announce presumably forced confessions, which are usually followed by execution. Tehran's tactics have a clear goal. (DE)